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About Us

We at Movidesk work every day to make the world more customer centric. We are re-imagining how companies deal with their clients by building a customer experience platform that unifies client interactions, giving companies the best tools, automation, insights, and forecasts to make every interaction with their clients a successful one.  To date, Movidesk has raised around R$ 10 million in three equity investment rounds from Redpoint Ventures, AbSeed and WOW and is growing at a fast pace.


About the Role

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join us in our ambition to create the best customer experience platform in the world, as part of our product team in Blumenau-SC. You will be part of our Strategy Management squad, which sits at the core of Movidesk business, helping all the company go to the correct direction and make the right decisions.  This person will generate insights for company directors and product teams. The data scientist will make team with a Data engineer, a Researcher and a Competitive Intelligence analyst that together will help us solve major company challenges and continuously improve customer experience. 


What you`ll do:

Analyse and translate complex data from different sources into insights and actionable strategies
Build on the foundation of decision making for stakeholders across the company, through the development of repeatable and scalable analysis. modeling, constructing and monitoring strategic company indicators (KPIs);
Prototype new analytics & machine learning models that improve both our insights and the product directly.
Discover and evaluate the usefulness of new data sources;
Find the most best audience for our products;
Nurture regular communication and connection with business stakeholders to ensure that product strategy stays aligned with business priorities, and also to keep stakeholders abreast of learnings from customers that impact product direction.
Work with competitive intelligence analysts and researchers at the “discovering” process, assuring that all product decisions are made considering what customers and users need.
Find opportunities for growth and efficiency for Movidesk.
Work with product and engineering teams to design experiments for new product ideas, and analyze the results to provide actionable recommendations.
Perform deep analyses and build models to understand customer behavior, and extract key insights that impact product decisions.
Synthesize data learnings into compelling stories and communicate them throughout Movidesk.


What you`ll need:

Be thoughtful and attentive with everything that you are developing, showing great attention to detail;
Good team player, self-motivated and proactive at work. Able to work under pressure
Has a burning desire to apply data-driven solutions to tackle real-world problems;
Curious and always trying to find new, better solutions in everything you start;
Fast learner and easygoing, looking forward to work in a fast pace environment.
English language proficiency, Portuguese is not required (Able to communicate and argue in English).
Familiarity with machine learning concepts like regression and classification, clustering, feature selection, curse of dimensionality, NLP, reinforced learning, bias-variance tradeoff, neural networks, SVMs, etc. 
Decent knowledge of a statistical scripting language such as R or Python/pandas
Great knowledge of SQL or other querying language.
Excellent written and verbal technical communication skills
Experience in data analysis and visualization
Establish efficient, automated processes for large-scale modeling.
General Statistics Knowledge: Understands hypothesis testing (p-value), Understanding of key stat concepts like: mode, mean, standard deviation, statistical distribution types, discrete vs continuous variables, Bayes Theorem, Type i and Type ii errors,


Bonus points for:

Relevant professional or academic experience in a highly quantitative field (e.g. statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, genetics, econometrics, biostatistics, epidemiology)
Advanced Stats: K-Neighborhood algorithm, decision tree based algorithms, T-tests, K-means, Boosting Algorithms
Have worked with Software Engineers (that have scaled a model into a product)
Have done a project with an API to understand how APIs work and how to connect to them to gather data
Good understanding of Data Warehouse design & development, experience in managing the implementation of new product / system data flow to DWH is a plus;
Notable finishes in machine learning competitions;
Contribution to data science projects;
Experience designing experiments and scientific thinking.


Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because 1) We welcome foreign candidates, and 2) If you are Brazilian you need to understand English fluently in order to learn effectively about product from the rest of the world.

Our office is in Blumenau – SC. Land of Brazilian Oktoberfest.

Movidesk provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disability.

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